Practice Simplicity

7 Tips to Practise Simplicity

Simplicity is beautiful. Being frugal and living with less takes away a lot of distractions. This allows us to live more in-the-moment, too.

It is much easier to be content when we’re not worried about what we don’t have—which is an awfully hard mindset to achieve if you surround yourself with luxurious items that are beyond your budget!

The good news? If you follow these seven tips, you can quickly practice simplicity and see its benefits for yourself! Here are 7 ways to get started today:

1. Change Your Focus From Things to Experiences

Things tend to hold our attention far longer than experiences do. So shift your focus from material goods (i.e., things) to experiential ones (i.e., activities).

7 Tips to Practise Simplicity

For example, take a walk through nature or spend time cooking with friends instead of buying new furniture or gadgets!

2. Stop Paying for Services You Could Provide Yourself

The best part about being frugal is learning how to do things yourself so you can save money on services you could easily provide yourself.

3. Start a Buy Nothing Challenge

Do you remember those old Buy Nothing Day campaigns? Buy Nothing Day was created by Vancouverites back in 1992 as a way to encourage people to shop locally and think about their consumption habits.

7 Tips to Practise Simplicity

Well, it turns out that there are Buy Nothing Days every month! In fact, most months actually have two Buy Nothing Days—one at midmonth and another at month end.

4. Make a List Before You Go Shopping

Before you go shopping, make a list of everything you need to purchase and stick to it!

5. Cut Up Your Credit Cards

Not only will cutting up your credit cards help eliminate impulse purchases, but research has shown that consumers who use cash rather than credit cards spend less overall.

6. Borrow Books and Movies From Your Local Library

Check out books and movies from your local library instead of purchasing them.

7 Tips to Practise Simplicity

Most libraries offer free borrowing options online; all you need is a library card number. And remember, you can always check books out for free using Libby, which gives anyone with an Internet connection access to thousands of ebooks via public libraries.

7. Eat Simply

Simplicity also means eating simply. This does not mean you must not eat healthy, It is important to maintain a healthy diet at all times.

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