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7 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget

By eating meals at home instead of eating out, you’ll cut back on costs (and calories). Plus, by shopping in bulk and stocking up when items are on sale, you can stretch your food budget even further. Here are some more tips for trimming your grocery bill while still enjoying a healthy diet.

Eat Breakfast at Home

First, eat breakfast at home to save money and help improve your health. If you skip breakfast or grab something like coffee or an expensive latte from a coffee shop each morning, that can add up.

7 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget

Start your day off right with eggs and fruit or whole-grain cereal topped with low-fat milk for about $1 per serving.

Pack a Lunch Box

One of my pet peeves is having to bring my lunch to work every day. The first issue is finding the time to pack my lunch. If I’m not rushed in the morning, I invariably have an unhealthy option when I order lunch later on – like pizza or fast food burgers because they’re quick and easy – but they’re also high in calories and fat. So as annoying as it might be, packing lunch should be a priority. It is beneficial both moneywise and healthwise.

Pack a lunch using leftovers from dinner so you don’t have to buy lunch out every day.

Shop Online

You can take advantage of online grocery shopping sites such as Peapod and FreshDirect to order groceries online and have them delivered directly to your door—at no extra cost.

7 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget
Save on Transport by Shopping Online

This is especially helpful if you don’t have access to transportation or prefer not to go out in bad weather. You can also save money by ordering items when they are on sale and storing them for later use.

Look for Ways to Save at Restaurants

Finally, look for ways to save at restaurants by splitting meals with a friend or bringing your own snacks like carrots, apples, nuts, or dried fruit so you aren’t tempted by overpriced menu items that won’t fill you up anyway.

If there are multiple courses at a restaurant meal (appetizer, main course, and dessert), split those too.

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