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5 Ways To Identify and Deal With Aspirational Clutter

Not every item in your house is a prized possession or meaningful heirloom. So what do you do with all of those things that fall into another category?

If they are neither valuable nor sentimental, there’s no reason to hold onto them. These seven tips will help you identify and purge aspirational clutter from your life, so you can start living more intentionally.

#1: Go Through Your Closet With A Fine-Tooth Comb

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s surprising how many people just ignore their closets.

Start by sorting through everything you own—this includes shoes, belts, hats and accessories—and eliminating anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t flattering on you anymore.

5 Ways To Identify and Deal With Aspirational Clutter

#2: Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items In The Rest Of Your Home

Once you have finished going through your closet, take some time to go through other parts of your home as well.

Do you have any items that don’t serve a purpose?

For example, do you really need five different sets of silverware when only two work properly?

Be ruthless when purging unnecessary items.

#3: Ask Yourself If It Adds Value To Your Life

Now that you’ve gone through your entire home and gotten rid of anything that doesn’t belong, think about whether each remaining item adds value to your life.

For example, if you rarely use something or it makes noise constantly (like a ticking clock), consider getting rid of it.

#4: Make A Donation Bin And Donate Anything That Doesn’t Fit Into Your New Lifestyle

While you should get rid of most items that don’t add value to your life, there are others that might be useful to someone else.

5 Ways To Identify and Deal With Aspirational Clutter

Donating these items can be a great way to make room for new purchases while also helping someone else out at the same time.

Just remember to keep receipts for tax purposes!

#5: Keep Only What Makes You Happy And What Inspires You

Even after going through your entire home and purging everything that doesn’t add value, there are still likely a few items left over.

At this point, ask yourself if each remaining item makes you happy or inspires you in some way. If not, it should probably go.

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