Focused Workspace

7 Helpful Tools For A Focused Workspace

Getting organized can be hard, especially when you have a million tasks to complete and limited workspace. But it’s a must, especially if you want to be productive.

These seven helpful tools will help you create an efficient, focused workspace in your home or office. Plus, they’re all easy on your wallet!

1. A Standing Lamp

Find a place where there is plenty of light – natural light is great but lamps can also make a big difference (and sometimes those free-standing lamps cost less than $10).

Sunlight helps relieve stress and anxiety, boost your mood and energy levels plus make you more alert which is perfect for focusing on what you need to get done that day!

2. Use Clutter-free Furniture

Choose clutter-free furniture with clean lines like nesting tables or stools versus chairs that hide clutter under them.

3. Keep an Extra Box

Keep an extra box nearby so when things start piling up you can quickly put them in it and store it away until later.

4. Buy a whiteboard calendar so you can jot down your tasks for each day and mark off when they’re completed so it’s easy to see at a glance how much progress you’ve made each week.

5. Use Sticky Notes

7 Helpful Tools For A Focused Workspace

Use sticky notes to keep track of important dates, write reminders or leave yourself little love notes!

6. Hang Pictures or Art Work

7 Helpful Tools For A Focused Workspace

Hang pictures or art work on your walls instead of storing them in boxes so you have something beautiful to look at while working.

7. Find Places for Everything

Make sure everything has its own home – if something doesn’t have a home then chances are it will end up being lost forever…so find places for everything from keys to mail to office supplies and even food items like cereal boxes, cans and frozen foods.

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