9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

At times, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a high level of inspiration, especially when the going gets tough. These inspiring words of wisdom will bring a smile to your face. 

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But most important, pick the one you like best and place it where you’ll see it every day… and let it help make your day a little brighter.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational Happiness quotes about life.

Happiness Motivational Quote#1

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

A great smile can influence your world in a positive way and it starts with YOU. When we feel and express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to people in our lives, it creates loving bonds, builds trust, and helps us feel closer.

Happiness Motivational Quote#2

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

We all have unprovoked bad days, they are almost mandatory! Sometimes, it is completely out of our control, but what we do about them is completely within our control. Every time a bad day does not destroy you, your brain keeps track of this as a small victory. Now you see how you act matters! If you are struggling to bring about positive thoughts, e.g feeling impatient, take a deep breath.

Use a few minutes for meditation or for a walk in nature. Just get in this present moment. Right now, at this very moment, everything is ok. Look around yourself. Get present.

Happiness Motivational Quote#3

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

It’s easy to fall into negative thoughts when you think about what people may say or think if you do or do not do something. To become more present, and able to step out of negative thinking, one powerful method is to ‘come to your senses. To do this simply redirect your attention. Re-channel your emotion from a negative direction to a positive. Be in control.

Happiness Motivational Quote#4

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

Bad attitudes can also stem from life experiences — a history of failure, abuse, or trauma, despite your input. However, if you have a bad attitude, you are less likely to lead a successful and fulfilling life. Being positive, optimistic, and resilient can take you far in life. If you’re able to see patterns where you’re overly reactive, defensive, self-righteous, or just plain negative. Perhaps You misinterpret everything that others say or do; nothing goes unnoticed by you even if people do not want to say what they think.  You need to deal with it. Just like you need to fix the flat tyre if you want to move on.

Happiness Motivational Quote#5

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

Being yourself means being true to your own values, rather than assuming a role that you believe will impress someone or make you more popular. Being yourself or being authentic means not pretending you are what you are not. You don’t even worry about what other people think, of course, you should respect the opinions of others, but don’t let them push you in the direction you don’t want to go.

My point is, people may come along and you want to be them but you are who you are and it’s for a good reason. JUST BE YOU!

Happiness Motivational Quote#6

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

There are plenty of reasons why many of us have been ill-equipped to make decisions on our own. Research shows it stems from parents not allowing children to make decisions. Regardless, each person has the right to make decisions and have choices about how they live their life. What is your ultimate goal? All decisions must point toward this ultimate goal · Just Don’t forget about your values or else you will not be a happy soul.  Make sure the decisions you make are your own.

Happiness Motivational Quote#7

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

Are you struggle with making yourself happy? Do you take care of everyone else in your life first, only to realize that you have no time left for yourself? Mommy, it is very important that you find time to treat yourself, to do things you love, to get a “Me time”.

Most of my ‘Me times” are spent, near the sea. Alone just me. I even have my favorite spot, where I sit, for an hour or more, looking at the birds, the waves….just me and nature. Every time I come back home after my “Me” time. I feel rejuvenated, happy, ready to face my “mommy responsibilities.

That’s me, you don’t have to do the same, but, you need to make yourself happy. To Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too.

Happiness Motivational Quote#8

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

Knowing how to make yourself happy comes down to knowing what causes you to feel the way you do. When you understand what makes you happy in the first place, you surround yourself with people who are cool with that, that make you happy and treat you with respect. 
Never give up your right to be treated with respect and decency. If someone crosses this line you should get rid of him or her right away.

If you settle for just any treatment, you’ll never know what you’re truly worthy of.

Happiness Motivational Quote#9

9 Motivational Quotes About Happiness

Sometimes you hear people saying, if I achieve this, I will be happy. Meaning, they will be happy once they have achieved their ultimate goal.

What we should know is that small acts that create immediate pleasures can add up to long-term satisfaction.  You just need to do things that add to your value. Things you are meant to do. Things you are passionate about. Never leave your passion behind.

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